The gap Alena’s Epinoy with her husband led to the scandal

Разрыв Алены Апиной с мужем привел к скандалу The famous singer is going through a difficult period in my life. On the days Alena Apina said that breaking up with your spouse. Now she tries to do everything to the disintegration of the family has not affected her teenage daughter.

      On the days Alena Apina said that she’s divorcing her husband Alexander Iratov after 20 years of marriage. So the unexpected news that literally shocked fans of the singer, who has long been sure that her family reigns idyll. Fans believed the Union of the singer and producer is perfect. Allen and Alexander are raising a daughter Xenia, which at the end of the year will be 15 years old. Alena Apina about divorce: “I’m Afraid that it will affect the child”

      Alain has published in his microblog a picture in which they captured with her husband during the holidays. However, the torn in half,which once again proves that to avoid the separation of the spouses will not succeed. The star has dedicated the theme of separation from your husband a whole post, which explained what made her decide on such a step.

      “Yes, I’m filing for divorce. This period of my life ends. It was very big and for many of you is very beautiful. But life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love and there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time. Thank you all for your participation and excitement. And try less to discuss it. Today the most important thing is not to bring the problems of our daughter. Everything else is not modify. And life does not end,” wrote Apina.

      Most of all Alena’s worried about the fact that her successor painlessly moved the parting of his beloved parents. Apina tries to do everything to protect the girl from her sad thoughts. The singer urged all others not to raise a fuss about her divorce.

      “This is a case when all that is happening around (your discussions, convictions, assumptions, and so on), have no value and meaning. All the hype which you lift, flying only one way – our daughter! She’s only 14. All who is to blame, why, what and so on – have no meaning! And does not cancel the fact,” wrote Apina for their fans.

      The singer’s fans turned on her side and supported the call-it’s time to stop discussing her breakup with her husband. “Alena, you’re not that beautiful, wise and strong! Let everything be good!” “It happens. Wish You happiness with daughters in their new life! Everything will be okay!” “Alena, my heart bleeds from such news. I Ksenia I wish you patience and all the best. You both deserve the best! We are with you!” “You know, Alan, how you do this is a shame, because first and foremost you are a human, same as we all do! So, dear people, do not touch, do not climb and do not gloat! Please leave Alena and her daughter alone. Watch the best in your life and let you have the rest,” he hastened to Express the sympathy of many fans.