Снимок Федора Бондарчука с густой шевелюрой вызвал жаркие споры
Fans didn’t recognize their idol.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Alika Smekhova

Photo: @alika_smekhova Instagram Aliki Laughter

Alika Smekhova published in his microblog rare photo, which instantly became the centre of attention of fans. The fact is that in the picture with her was captured by Fyodor Bondarchuk. “How young we were? Friends sent me photos from the TV shot was in ‘ 92!” wrote Alik. The most remarkable thing in the archival frame is that it is known in the future, the Director only 25 years old. At that time, the head Fedora was adorned with thick hair, from which he subsequently escaped. So, fans had a unique opportunity to see how Bondarchuk appeared during their youth.

Incidentally, in the comments to retrofit between fans erupted serious dispute. The fans have divided into two camps: those who can no longer see Fedor without his signature hairstyle “under a zero” and those who felt that the hair on the head of the famous actor and Director added to his flair. Most of them agreed on one thing — Bondarchuk in his youth, much like Andrew Giulana. Without attention not left itself Alik. However, it is, according to fans, is almost unchanged since then.

By the way, with the emergence of social networks from fans of the stars have a great opportunity to see photos from the personal archives of artists. Not so long ago, nostalgia for the old times indulged Larisa Guzeeva, Alsu, Vera Brezhneva and many others.

The survey

What hairstyle is Fedor more?

  • Of course haircut shaved! Without it, Bondarchuk is not the same…

  • It would be better with hair, as in youth!

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