Похороны Джастина Бибера обойдутся ему в $230 миллионов

Young singer Justin Bieber is ready to die. American tabloid Daily Star shocked fans of the canadian message that he was engaged in the preparation of their funeral and even set aside a certain amount for a “rainy day”.

When we say “certain amount”, we mean us $ 230 million. It was on the money Justin needs to follow to the grave. Apparently, it will be the most expensive funeral in the world.

Bieber lives in luxury, and therefore wants to die with no less pomp. According to the publication, Bieber has expressed the wish that a tombstone of his future grave had display: the singer wishes that after his death his grave was broadcast his clips.

According to the source, Bieber began to think about his death after the passing of musicians David Bowie and Prince.

Note that at the moment, Justin complains about his health, he surrounded himself with bodyguards in case of an attempt on his life inadequate fans and crazy people. In General (ugh, ugh, ugh, knock on wood), live Bieber long and fun because of the funeral of the right now say no.

By the way, after his death, the canadian singer wants to “be present” on earth, and therefore going to order the creation of the hologram itself, to be able to please their fans even while at the light.

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