The frontman of the group “Zero” Fedor Chistyakov left Russia because of religion

Фронтмен группы «Ноль» Федор Чистяков покидает Россию из-за религии Famous rock musician explained his actions by disagreeing with the ban of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. As a member of the organization, which was declared extremist, Fedor Chistyakov decided that moving abroad is the best way out of the situation.
Фронтмен группы «Ноль» Федор Чистяков покидает Россию из-за религии

49-year-old leader of the group “Zero” Fedor Chistyakov, who is now in new York, told reporters that no plans to return to Russia. The decision of the musician is connected with the prohibition of the Supreme court that recognized “Jehovah’s Witnesses” extremist organization and banning its activities on the entire territory of the country.

According to Chistyakov, he disagrees with the decision of the highest judicial body of the Russian Federation, which became for the actor a shock. Being a member of a religious organization, the man decided that the best solution was moving to another country.

“I wasn’t going to emigrate. There are people who spend years trying to obtain a green card or some other way to get to America. And I have never had such thoughts or possibilities. I firmly settled on the spot, I am already fifty, where to go? (…) And so we flew with the tour in the United States. On the eve of trial, which resulted in the prohibition of “Witnesses”. For me it was a shock. The probability that I get back from the American tour, started strongly increase. And on July 17, when they rejected the appeal, I made the final decision”, – said the musician.
Фронтмен группы «Ноль» Федор Чистяков покидает Россию из-за религии

Rocker said he intends to continue to study music in another country. According to the man, to stay in Russia means exposing their activities the danger.

Фронтмен группы «Ноль» Федор Чистяков покидает Россию из-за религии“I invest in the project own money invested, my colleagues and investors. I take a very serious commitment,” explains Chistyakov.

During the meeting with journalists the actor stressed that his move is a necessary measure aimed at the fact that he “has not disappeared as a creative unit”. Therefore, Chistyakov will continue to work abroad. “The only change is the place of my physical, nothing more not change”, – assured the correspondent is a man.

The most immediate plans of rock performance in Moscow in November and recording the new album. In addition, Chistyakov going to do an American project. To sing in English a man is not going to – thinks you can’t. The frontman of the group “Zero” also reported that on-former intends to focus on Russian-speaking audience. “I remain the same person you were, I still care about things that happen in Russia”, – quotes Chistyakov, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

Recall that Fedor Chistyakov – composer, accordionist, songwriter and guitarist. In the fall of 1985, a man together with drummer Alexei Nikolayev, Anatoly Platonov founded the group “Zero”, which lasted about seven years. After some time, an attempt was made to revive the iconic team, but it was not successful. In 2017 Chistyakov said that once again revives his creation. Partner of musician Alexey Nikolaev became the.