The French started hunting for Philip Kirkorov

Французы открыли охоту на Филиппа Киркорова
The Russian singer was in the midst of a new scandal.


Photo: Instagram

Philip Kirkorov is again accused of plagiarism. Did this representative of the French composer Gilbert, Sinoue, author of the song of the singer Dalida “Helwa ya baladi”, written in 1978. The king of the pop scene of quail in the late 90s this song in the Russian language, putting in the annotation the “silk road” the legitimate author. However, according to lawyer Igor Trunov, say it all the time, they sang a song and released it three times on different albums without the consent of the author, i.e., he simply “took it without asking”.

The composer became interested in art at Philip “tip”. That song Kirkorov is plagiarism in its composition, he learned by Didier Marouani. He last year also demanded from the Russian artist financial compensation for plagiarism. However, Philip accused the Frenchman of extortion and refused to admit his guilt.

Sinua, he filed a lawsuit demanding to recover from Kirkorov 15 million rubles, but, according to some, this amount may grow more after the examination. In addition, he insists that the copies of the album, was the song “silk road” was destroyed. Representatives of Philip competently claim that the singer has not yet received a summons to court for further proceedings, so that they can assess possible damage from the cast of Gilbert’s statements.

But the Prosecutor side did not doubt the victory. Moreover, the representative of Sinoe admitted that for submission to the court are preparing several lawsuits against Philip’s accusations of plagiarism from other French composers. The scandal may deal a serious blow as Kirkorov and maybe even destroy it.

Attorney Gilbert said that the blame for an international incident lies fully on the shoulders of Philip, because he had insulted Marouani, who now stood up other musicians, according to “the Fifth channel”.