The French rebelled against the wife of the President of Macron

Французы восстали против жены президента Макрона Residents dissatisfied with the initiative of the head of state, who proposed to introduce the so-called “Charter of first lady” involving spending on the expenses of his wife from the state budget. At the Elysee Palace went to meet angry citizens.
Французы восстали против жены президента Макрона

Recently, the Network appeared the petition against to give a special status to the spouse of the President of France Bridget macron and allocate it needs a separate budget. His disagreement with the position of the wife of the head of state expressed more than 270 thousand people. The Complainant was the artist Thierry Paul Valette. In the text of a public address to the Emmanuel Macron, he said that the same opinion is shared by 65% of the population. This man says that is not attacking Bridget as a person.

“There is no reasons why the wife of the head of state can be given funds from the state budget. Currently, Bridget has a macron, there are two or three assistants, and two secretaries, and two employees of the security service, and that’s enough,” said Mr. Valette.
Французы восстали против жены президента Макрона

The public outcry caused by the petition Thierry Sex, forced the French government to respond to her. In the presidential administration refused to introduce a “Charter of first lady”, which legislatively prescribes the role of the wife of the President. Instead, they decided to limit the “transparency Charter”, designed to “stop the hypocrisy” and to “clarify the situation”. This document will be indicated by the number of helpers Bridget and the level of their wages. It is expected that it will publish in the coming days.

Previously, Emmanuel macron made a proposal to introduce a “Charter of first lady” involving the spending of public funds for the expenses of his wife. This applies, in particular, the receptions at the Elysee Palace, which is engaged in Bridget. By the way, the choice of the President of France leads an active social life. The President’s residence in Paris has already visited the star – Rihanna, discussing with Emmanuel and his wife’s education, as well as the leader of the group U2, Bono, has affected measures to help the poorest segments of the population.

Recall that in one of the pre-election interview with Emmanuel macron said he will legalize the status of the first lady if I become President of the country.

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“Will take into account her opinion about who she wants to be. I want to put an end to this French hypocrisy. When you have a spouse, she should be a role, and it needs to be recognized in this role”, said the future head of state in April.

During the conversation with journalists Emmanuel also said that taxpayers will not cover the cost of the first lady. A few months later, the authors of the petition against the change of the position but macron has accused her husband of hypocrisy.