The French police suspected a famous gang in the robbery of Kim Kardashian

Французская полиция заподозрила знаменитую банду в ограблении Ким Кардашьян
The guards are sure that the criminals had help from “friends”.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

The French police has confirmed the fact
an armed attack on the room Kim Kardashian in Paris hotel George V, where she was at this time, believes that criminals helped someone
from the close circle of people associated with the star reality show. About it reported the Internet-the website of the Daily Mirror.

After all, they know the exact moment when
the bodyguard star will not be in place, because that night, Kardashian
seconded to guard sisters Kendall and Kourtney, reeling in a night club
L’arc. Besides, the bandits knew exactly where
jewelry box, standing out of sight, so they wouldn’t have to spend
of time looking. Svyazav Kim and taped her mouth with tape, they immediately
fled with their booty. The cost of the stolen makes about 10
of millions of dollars.

According to the police, immediate
the perpetrators of the robbery could be criminals, consisting of sad
known in Europe the gang of “Pink Panther” specializing in kidnapping
jewelry. Members of this group are operating in Paris since the mid-80s and
this time robbed of jewelry more than 300 million euros.Moreover, they often resort to the “masquerade”,
skillfully applying make-up and dressed in
costumes appropriate to each situation. So in the case of Kardashian, the bandits were
disguised police, which gave them the opportunity freely to enter the

As for potential gunners,
here, according to the police, not without the participation of some of the team members
bodyguards Kim. However, her head of security, Pascal Duvie that works with your family
Kardashian for a very long time, so far beyond suspicion. Anyway,
depresiva duvie the police released him without any charges being brought. After
this Pascal, who fans of Kim all blame in the incident, as they say,
vowed to find the offenders of his client. How do you think the guards might
the criminals have help from those who guarded the star in the past.