Французы доверили Брэду Питту самое дорогое
Pitt won the audience with its vitality.

Brad Pitt

Brad pitt was awarded this year an extraordinary honor: he
entrusted to open almost favorite French racing. Competition
sports cars in the Le man is a matter of national pride, they spend
here nearly a hundred years – since 1923.Their choice quite naturally — on the one hand, pitt is a celebrity of the first magnitude, and on the other a well-known fan of cars and racing.

By the beginning of the opening ceremony, to the chagrin of the audience and
the organisers of the competition, poured a downpour. But pitt, not paying
for the weather and coped well with the mission entrusted to him, including not
forgetting to wave the French flag before the competition, as it
provided Protocol.

Besides, what led the audience in raptures,
after that, he dressed in white fireproof jumpsuit racer, effectively
stressing the slender figure 52-year-old actor, and made a racing car a “revolution”
the stadium. However, in the car, the spouse of Angelina Jolie was not alone — he was accompanied by experienced
athlete Alex Wurz, winner of the youngest rider ever to derivable
winning the race in Le man.

Incidentally, this year the races in France watched
and Jackie Chan, Jason Statham, Keanu Reeves, and Patrick Dempsey. The latter, incidentally,
not just a spectator. Patrick and myself in many ways
racer and his team got into the top three winners of different competitions
also in Le man. However, this year, Dempsey decided to refrain from participating
the competition and limited the role of the fan.

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