Четвертая книга о Бриджит Джонс выйдет осенью

Novel under the name “Child of Bridget Jones writer Helen Fielding will appear on store shelves almost immediately after the release of the movie. The wait is long!

World premiere of the third film about Bridget Jones is scheduled for September of this year, and the second book will be released a month later in October. It is interesting to compare how the on-screen story will be different from the book…

In the center of the plot of Bridget Jones ” – preparation for the motherhood of the main character. All anything, but Bridget is a roll in the hay at the same time with two men, does not know who got her pregnant. The comic story adds another point: both boyfriend ready to support Jones before the birth and then help her in raising the kid.

The final tape is unknown. Even the actors don’t know who will end up Bridget. The Director shot multiple endings of the film to one of prisutnih on the set don’t spill the beans to reporters ahead of time. Yeah, great PR move. Imagine what a boom in cinemas will be the premiere.

The story of Bridget Jones, we recall, based on columns a Brit, Helen Fielding for the Independent newspaper, which she led in 1995. A year later, the writer put their stories in books, which was later filmed two movies.

After Helen said of the fourth book and, respectively, of another film, most likely, will not. But apparently, the writer still inspired!

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