Четвертая годовщина свадьбы Канье Уэста и Ким Кардашьян

24 may 2014 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married. This date they do not forget and congratulate each other on social networks. On the fourth anniversary of the wedding, Kim shared a previously unseen photograph with the members and congratulated her beloved husband with the holiday.

Четвертая годовщина свадьбы Канье Уэста и Ким Кардашьян

“Thank you, baby, that gave me a family and so many cared for us. Thank you for inspiring me every day. I really was lucky. Happy anniversary!” — says Kim under the photo from the wedding.

Kim also added a few other photos from the wedding ceremony, which was held in Florence. To the altar Kardashian was in a white dress from Givenchy.

In an interview for the Hollywood reporter Kanye said about writing his book, and his wife called a modern incarnation of Marie Antoinette. It will be about art and history, and it will be called Break The Simulation.
“I have my own philosophy, or, more precisely, the concept of this. Because the concept of “philosophy” sometimes sounds too hard. I have a presentation about photography and I am now studying the people that she is very passionate about. Pictures pull people from the present and transport it into the past or future. The photo can be used for documentation — it will outlive any of us. However, many people live in the past”, — said the musician.
The subject interested him while working with the clothing line. He was puzzled by the question of how deeply people sink into the story to create a design.

“There are people who endure to the present trends of the 1920-ies, someone inspiring period in the 1940s. Especially in sportswear. I worked with designer David Casavant, and we watched how to look like Jogging pants in the 1940s and 1980s. And in the end refused to rely on past trends: it is impossible to look back. I believe that what we create now will represent humanity, and through five hundred and a thousand years. My wife, for example, I see a modern incarnation of Marie Antoinette,” said Kanye.
If the book Kanye will be the first to read it will only be possible after the official release for a fee, photos of the rapper and his family in the Internet abound. However, for pictures baby of Chicago, who recently was born from a surrogate mother, the media fought and was even willing to pay a considerable sum. After a time, Kim Kardashian, the girl’s mother, shared the first pictures of his daughter and even began to regularly please their followers on instagram. However, fans did not manage to frame, which captures the whole family with children — four North, two years and three months St. Chicago. Yesterday, Kim has finally published family photos.