The founder of “the Ural pelmeni” has shared the first pictures of the newborn baby

Основатель «Уральских пельменей» поделился первыми снимками новорожденной малышки In may 2017 the famous comedian became a father for the fifth time. In the star family was born a girl. Dmitry Sokolov said that named her daughter Sophia, and posted some touching shots from christening of baby.

The father Dmitry Sokolov regularly shares with fans photos of his family, but the youngest daughter has not yet become the heroine of daddy’s Instagram. Unlike many modern celebrities, the artist decided a long time to hide baby, showing the girls christening. Along the way, the showman announced and the name of the heiress, which until then was not known to fans.

“Sofia, so we decided suddenly. Baptized, communion, farewell, my joy! We love you very much,” the touching signed photograph of a happy parent.

Fans of the comedian were quick to congratulate the family with such an important event for them, noting in passing that the newborn is similar to Dmitri. “Daddy like”, “Like mom and dad. A little miracle. Guardian angel you and health is immense for the whole family”, “Little flower”, commented subscribers Sokolova first the girls.

Soon the founder of the team “Ural dumplings” boasted another photograph, which depicts the eldest daughter pair Mary with a little sister. “My Princess” – signed the comedian. The star couple often shares personal moments from his life, speaking openly to subscribers about the achievements of children and their achievements.

Recall that Sokolov and Xenia Lee was married in 2011. The family has three children, also the humorist has a son and a daughter from his first marriage. Artist over his lover for 23 years, but a large age difference did not bother the happy couple. Xenia often share joint photos with her husband, showing full idyll in relations.

“Much effort and take little trouble, and so nice after putting the kids to sit in obnimku, Yes, together to be silent”, – has signed one of these frames Xenia.

The wife of Dmitry Sokolov previously played in the KVN team “Irina Mikhailovna”. Now a young woman spends the greater part of his time to the education of children and the promotion of new ideas of her husband. So, she is present on almost all the set of “Ural dumplings”, to help you write scripts around supporting the head of the family.