The founder of the Quartet And Camille Larin told about moving out of town

Основатель Квартета И Камиль Ларин рассказал о переезде за город

After the wedding, Ekaterina Andreeva, which took place at the end of June, Kamil Larin, actor of the famous “Quartet”, moved to the suburban house.

Star of theatre and film plans to spend more time with family, at his country house in the suburbs. And although life has many advantages, Camille was faced with the challenge of providing housing quality network: without a stable Internet your life can’t imagine many modern people.

Основатель Квартета И Камиль Ларин рассказал о переезде за город

High-speed Internet helps celebrities both at work and in communicating with friends and fans. In life the actor is no less busy than his character in the film “what men talk About”, so to effectively address business issues he needed high-speed Internet in the country. At the end of may Camille followed the advice of many friends, already connected to their country houses to high speed Internet, and appealed to the telecommunications company YS-System.

“Previously, Kamil Larin addressed to different companies, as I have long wanted to connect high-speed Internet in a country house, but due to the fact that his house is very far from the city, no one could offer him a decent solution to the problem. The actor was content with a poor signal and slow connection,” says the head of the company YS-System Eugene Abramov.

Catches bad Internet

As recognized Camille, in order to communicate with the outside world and to the script or to send a photo, he had to go outside to the bath. Company YS-System could conduct high-quality wireless Internet access in a vacation home that is literally in the woods.

Employees of YS-System installed on the house amplifier Internet signal Street Ultra. Testing showed that immediately after the installation the wireless speed is reached 56 megabits per second. Stellar customer received high-speed unlimited Internet away from the bustle of the city.

“Before, of course, I used the stick to access the Internet. But life does not stand still. We must not be afraid of innovation, especially when you provide services as such. The money will be forgotten, but impressions will remain,” — said the actor.

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About the company:

Company YS-System for more than eight years working on the market in the field of communication and telecommunications. Over the years, experts YS-System provided high-speed Internet access over 1,000 country houses and cottages in residential settlements and other settlements of the Moscow region.

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