The founder of the “Pesnyary” destroyed the dream of the daughter

Основатель «Песняров» разрушил мечту дочери  Marina Mulyavin was planning to become a famous actress. The eldest heir of the founder of the popular in the Soviet Union the ensemble “Pesnyary” Vladimir Mulyavin admitted that parents protested her choice. Many years ago a young girl was afraid to disobey my father and mother.
Основатель «Песняров» разрушил мечту дочери

Saturday’s edition of “Tonight” this time was devoted to the stage of the 70-ies of the last century. It was at that time the love of fans of the Soviet Union has conquered the stars republics.

The audience in the Studio vocalists recalled how many years ago gathered. Among the adoring fans of the teams belonged to the Belarusian vocal-instrumental ensemble “Pesnyary”, which at that time could be considered a very bold and avant-garde. The first musicians in the Soviet Union tried to combine in their repertoire the folk and rock.

Основатель «Песняров» разрушил мечту дочери

The founder of the legendary team was Vladimir Mulyavin. His birthplace Ekaterinburg to Minsk he came for his first wife Lydia Karmalskoye held a competition in the Belarusian Philharmonic.

In the Studio, “Tonight,” came the eldest daughter of Vladimir Mulyavin Marina. The woman remembered what kind of person her father was.

Основатель «Песняров» разрушил мечту дочери  “Mom and dad seventeen years lived together, the house father was absolutely other person, – Marina told Mulyavin. At work, he was strict, assembled, could shout at the guys and held them seriously. But at home it was a very kind and gentle person”.
Основатель «Песняров» разрушил мечту дочери

Perhaps the only thing Vladimir Mulyavin showed categorical is in your future profession daughter. Young Marina dreamed to be in a movie and play on stage.

“When I told my parents I would enroll in our acting Department of the theatre Institute, not saying a word they got up silently and lay down on the doorstep. I asked: what is that move? They said, we will be able to overcome us? Come on! I wouldn’t be able to do,” recalled the daughter of the head of the legendary “Pesnyary”.

However, creative occupation Marina still got it. She graduated from the conducting Department of the music College, she worked in collectives, including in the “Pesnyary”. In recent years, the female head of the Belarusian national center of music art named after Vladimir Mulyavin.