Фонд Брэда Питта обвиняют в невыполнении обязательств

Brad pitt is not only an actor, father of many children (and handsome), he is also engaged in helping the needy that is a significant part of his time.

In 2007, pitt started a Foundation Make It Right, which aims to help people in distress, in particular, they talked about the victims of the terrible hurricane Katrina of novoorleanskom. In the shortest time was built 86 homes, the total cost of which amounted to $ 24 million.

Last year the Make It Right took over new construction. Pitt and his team had to build 50 buildings in recently flooded city Kansas.

But, much to the disappointment of many, the work never began, and the organization could not have explained the occurrence of the delay.

Local authorities believe that the culprit reshuffle in the Fund. Himself brad pitt is also not yet commented on the news.

Previously, pitt and Jolie are thinking about adopting a seventh child.


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