Матерщинник Шнуров снялся в рекламе Третьяковской галереи

Fortunately, a short 15-second clip, the musician thoughtfully silent.

The famous Metropolitan Museum today pretty amazed their fans: the official YouTube channel of the Tretyakov gallery there was a video with the participation of Sergey Shnurov!

A clip featuring the infamous musician is called “exposure Effect: Black Suprematist square”.

In the beginning of the video Sergei literally dipped the face in the famous painting by Kazimir Malevich. It takes the first 5 seconds of screen time. Then another 10 seconds to show his audience, which is thoughtfully in front of a painting in one of the exhibition halls of the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft. Ending is rather trite and predictable slogan: “This is a must see”.

While advertising on YouTube, and in the future – and on television – will not only “Black square”. As reported in the Tretyakov gallery, the project was selected six paintings from the Museum’s collection on the Crimean Shaft, which can be called a milestone for the gallery.

What fabric went into advertising six, the Museum has decided not to clarify advised to follow the updates of the official account.

However, we managed to learn that the project also starred actor Arthur Smolyaninov, a participant of the 2nd season of “the Voice” Anton Belyaev and the theatrical artist Pavel Kaplevich. And wrote and edited the videos the students of the Moscow school of cinema.

Thus, the leader of the “Leningrad” continues to reap the laurels of his smash hit about “louboutins”. Even in the Tretyakov gallery it turns out to be heard. And special attention, apparently, noticed the very first lines: “take me Serge to the van Gogh exhibit…”

Well, now Cords – your people and the exhibition of Russian art.

Another equally unexpected, but again, fresh news about Shnurov: today it became known that the musician wrote a song for a children’s morning show “good morning, kids!”. This program will be coming out September 1 on the channel “Carousel”.

Amazing combination, isn’t it? Especially if you remember the recent move of Sergei, who published on his page in Instagram provocative footage, which he, along with his children – son Apollo and daughter Serafima – smokes and drinks on a Friday night.

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