The fortune teller predicted Irina Bezrukovoj third marriage

Гадалка предсказала Ирине Безруковой третий брак Aida Martirosyan believes that very soon, the actress will meet a new love. Irina Bezrukova was the guest of the program “the invisible Man”. The specialists found out what the actress seeking solace after the tragic events in her life.
Гадалка предсказала Ирине Безруковой третий брак

Well-known theater and film actress Irina Bezrukova suffered a lot of difficulties over the past few years: parting with second husband and son’s death. However, the woman managed to find the strength to live on and to give fans a radiant smile. Irina was the guest of the program “the Invisible Man”, which airs on channel TV-3. This Friday, at 19: 00 hours start of the new twelfth season of the show.

In the program experts had predicted the actress a happy future. A fortune teller and expert Aida Martirosyan said that she sees Irina a new lover. The actress has denied this information, because they do not want to attract too much attention to his personal life. However, a number of media wrote that she has a companion, with whom she was seen at some social events.

According to experts show, only Irina will meet with the chosen one. Presumably, the doctor would fall in love with a man from Italy.

“Irina was another marriage that awaits her in the future. This man is not here, another place. The marriage will be civil, no wedding and formal procedures, rather, loud about him is nowhere stated. Irina spoke warmly about Sergei,” – said Aida.

In addition, the doctor will achieve success in the professional sphere. The actress will receive a lot of job offers. She will have to choose the most interesting roles. A woman has admitted in interviews that filming helped her to stay in the difficult moments of life. According to Irina, she promised heir to be happy.

Гадалка предсказала Ирине Безруковой третий брак“Strive to instill in each day for more harmony, joy and love, and would like my son Andrew. I believe that to be happy is a conscious choice of the person. If you go back to the history of literature – people managed to be happy in the worst moments. Many, despite the difficulties and losses, it was possible to adequately transfer the blows of fate,” – said Bezrukov.
Гадалка предсказала Ирине Безруковой третий брак

This season in “the invisible Man” will also be other Patriotic stars: musician Nikita Presnyakov, actress Yana Troyanova, illusionist Ilya Safronov, showman Timur Rodriguez, actor Vitaly Gogunsky, actress Love Tolkalina, singer Dominique Joker, artist Aristarchus of wines and many others.