The former wife of Vladimir Potanin requires him 850 billion

Экс-жена Владимира Потанина требует от него 850 миллиардов Ex-wife of billionaire continues to plead with him. Recently it became known that Natalia Potanina, has filed a new lawsuit against the businessman. The woman demands to share in the rights to securities of companies “Norilsk Nickel” and “the pole Gold”. In addition, Natalia intends to seek recognition of common property shares in foreign companies.
Экс-жена Владимира Потанина требует от него 850 миллиардов

Litigation between the President of “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin and his ex-wife Natalia continues. Journalists report that the ex-wife of the businessman intends to recover from him the amount of $ 849,2 billion rubles. According to representatives of the media, Natalia filed a new lawsuit against the businessman.

Vladimir and Natalia Potanin scandal divide the property

The document, which was available to correspondent, said that Potanin’s demands to recognize the General property of spouses and to share the rights for shares of companies “Norilsk Nickel” and “the pole Gold”.

In addition, ex-wife of the head of the mining company considers it necessary to divide the securities of foreign companies Pharanco, Bektanco, Decoso and Lovenco, as well as rights to the Trustee and to Trustees of shares in these companies. Among other requirements, the ex-wife of a businessman is to recover from him compensation for the portion that she owes.

As it became known to journalists, the claim of ex-wife Potanin will consider on June 14 in the Presnensky court of Moscow.

The Vladimir Potanin has not yet commented on recent media information. In 2010, the businessman said that he intends to transfer his entire fortune to charity. In the late 90s businessman founded the Foundation, which annually spends millions of dollars on the development of culture, education and sports. Vladimir Potanin is also a member of the movement “the giving pledge”, started by bill gates and Warren Buffett.

The representative Natalia Potanina told reporters about the reasons why she decided to sue. According to him, the demands of women related to the fact that the court has not divided the shares of Norilsk Nickel, owned billionaire. The justice noted that the securities not owned by Potanin directly, but “acknowledged” that he is indeed the owner of the company, according to Forbes.

We will remind that Vladimir and Natalia Potanin divorced in 2014 after thirty years together. The couple have several children together – 32-year-old Anastasia, a 27-year-old willow and 16-year-old Vasily. After the separation from her husband of Natalia got three plots of land in the Moscow region, as well as the amount of 380 million rubles.

Earlier, ex-wife of billionaire several times have filed lawsuits in Russia and other countries in order to achieve partition of securities belonging to the former husband. In March Natalia demanded to collect from the businessman of 215 billion rubles as compensation for the shares “KM of invest” which, according to her lawsuit, are the joint property. The hearing on this case held on 25 may. Painful and frightening star revelation about the divorce that shocked all