The former wife of Vadim Kazachenko supported his illegitimate daughter

Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко поддержала его внебрачную дочь Girl from Kharkov asked for help to transfer “Let speak”. 24-year-old Vlad says that Kozachenko is her father. The program did a DNA test, which clarified the situation with the participation of the artist.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко поддержала его внебрачную дочь

In the new issue of “Let them talk” came Vlad Romantsova, who calls herself the daughter of Vadim Kazachenko. The girl claims that her mother was familiar with a famous artist. According to her, he often came to Evpatoria.

“I learned this from my mom, but it is already two years dead. I heard about it when I was in the first class, that is sufficiently conscious age,” said Vlad.

At the disposal of the transmission was shot, which shows the mother of the girl with the singer. Experts of the talk show believe that children should be born only within marriage, therefore, condemned the relationship of the artist and cousin of the heroine.

“My mother was very upset that she had a girl. She wanted a boy,” explained the alleged daughter Kozachenko.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко поддержала его внебрачную дочь

Earlier Vlad tried to contact the father through the social network. She sent a message to the artist, but received the reply from Director General that they will not solve any issues without documentary evidence.

During the show, Vlad took a swab of my mouth that we decided to pay for a DNA test. The girl claims that she does not need anything from the executor of the hit “Hurt me hurt”. According to the memoirs of the alleged successor to the stars, she visited the child at his concerts. Besides, Vlad said that the grandmother had seen Vadim Gennadevich.

Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко поддержала его внебрачную дочь

Came to the Studio ex-wife Kozachenko Olga. The woman, who bore him a son Philip, argues that talks at the moment with the artist outside of the courtroom. The court reviews approximately 10 lawsuits against the former beloved pop stars.

The court dismissed the former wife of Vadim Kazachenko from debt

As it became known in the course of the program, ex-fiancee of actor met his alleged daughter via the social network. Vlad congratulated the woman with the anniversary of the marriage relationship and explained who she is. Olga began to communicate with the native of Kharkov, but some time ago, even invited her to visit.

“Vlad is Philip’s godmother,” said the ex-wife of Vadim Gennadyevich.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко поддержала его внебрачную дочь

At the end of the transfer was made public the DNA test results. Analysis taken from Vlada, compared with the biomaterial son of Olga. According to lead, the study will allow to establish how they have similar genes.

“The results of genetic analysis suggest that Vlad and Philip can be polysilicate (the so-called master relationship) with probability 94,88%”, – announced the results of Dmitry Borisov.