Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко ответила на обвинения в алкоголизме Now the actor and his ex-fiancee Olga waiting for, where the judgement of divorce will take effect. Vadim Kazachenko said that for the time that they were married, he coded the wife three times, trying to save her from addiction.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко ответила на обвинения в алкоголизме

July 12, Vadim Kazachenko got a divorce – no longer bound by any relations with the former beloved Olga, but concern for the General’s son Philip. Previously singer of the hit “Hurt me, hurt,” talked about the complicated family life: he practically lived with his young wife, but nevertheless, noticed her addiction to alcoholism. The artist, according to him, even tried to rescue his wife from addiction and three times coded. Olga unpleasant to listen to such statements.

“Never were coded, were not stitched from alcoholism,” – said the ex-wife of the artist.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко ответила на обвинения в алкоголизме

However, the musician told me that even knows what doctor and what clinic she observed. The editors of the program “Let them talk” contacted Igor Orlov, who told the reason why Kozachenko spoke to him.

“Really, Olga Kazachenko more than 15 years my patient. I know her very well. We are engaged in the treatment of neuroses, posture, spine, anti-aging treatments, cosmetology. No alcohol no attitude to addiction I do not have,” said the doctor.

Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко ответила на обвинения в алкоголизме

Now Olga and Vadim waiting for the decision of a court about divorce enters into force. Previously, the artist was ordered to pay maintenance for little Philip and ex-wife, who takes care of the baby. The ex-wife of musician haven’t decided yet, you will refuse it from the name of Kazachenko.

Guests in the Studio wondered why Olga doesn’t register son Philip at the place of residence, because now the boy is not getting free medical care. In the documents of the mother of the son of the artist also there is no proper mark. She said that now there is a trial under section of their home in the suburbs. The current wife of the artist Irina Amanti claims that she gave money for the construction of housing, and, according to the former, for the sake of the family nest, her mother sold the flat and invested in real estate. Now Olga unpleasant to hear about how passionately about her ex-husband – because if he saw that from the beginning of their life together has not worked, why it was prescribed, and having common property.

Not so long ago, Kozachenko said that Olga alleged attempt on the life of Irene is almost hit her while driving car. However, the ex-fiancee admitted that he never thought would intentionally harm another person’s health.

Guests in the Studio “Let them talk” said that now Olga looks upset and depressed. Presenter Dmitry Borisov said even striking appearance ex-wife Kozachenko. She admitted that it is very difficult, because in front of her waiting for the next trial. Vadim Kazachenko preparing for a new lawsuit for the property

“I’m not afraid of anything, will not be silent”, – concluded Olga.