The former wife of Vadim Kazachenko called Karina Mishulina to stay

Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко призвала Карину Мишулину остановиться Olga Martynova considers that the situation has gone too far. Says ex-wife of the performer of the hit “Hurt me hurt” Vadim Kazachenko, she understands why Karina Mishulina not willing to admit Timur Eremeeva brother.
Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко призвала Карину Мишулину остановиться

Here which month there is no end to discussion about whether the actor Timur Eremeev illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. Yesterday in the Studio program “Let them talk” once again brought together experts to share their opinion in connection with the situation. She Karina Mishulina, the daughter of the famous performer of the role Carlson was not present at the shooting.

Came to light new details of the relations Spartaka Mishulina and Tatiana Eremeeva

Olga Martynova, ex-wife stars of the 90s Vadim Kazachenko, was also present in the Studio. A young woman commented on the behavior of Carina of Mishulin in social networks. According to Olga, daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich should try to meet Timur Eremeev and to find common language with him.

“Of course, I have no doubt that Timur is his father’s son, and what is happening now is very unfair to him. But with Karina I believe it is influenced by her mother, which, perhaps, hurt and offended or something. I was not in her place, but I, too, have betrayed and wronged me, and the baby. However, I believe that to set your child against brother, father or sister, even if the father was wronged, it is wrong. Karine you need to stop this story” – says Martynov.

Some viewers criticize the behavior of Olga, considering that it does not resemble the suffering person, faced with the betrayal of loved ones. Now Martynova continues to sort things out with her ex-husband Vadim Kazachenko. Answering to the comments of detractors, Olga said that she doesn’t care about the opinions of others.

Vadim Kazachenko refuses to communicate with his son even after the official results of the DNA test

“If I was ill, old, and all agreed, Yes, and paid her husband’s millions, they have alienated me, then everyone was happy. But you know, I first of all want to preserve their inner balance and be happy with myself, and not to endeavour to seem miserable and poor to me, sorry. I least want to be pitied, and I do as tells me my heart” – shared ex-wife Kozachenko.

Olga Martynov also expressed gratitude to all who stood in her way in conflict with the performer of the hit “Hurt me, hurt me.” “I thank God for every day and all the people who support me. I want to say that you are never afraid to be silent, despite the fact that you can spit in the face or throw a stone,” said the former wife of Vadim Kazachenko.