Бывшая жена Михаила Полицеймако готовится судиться с ним The Studio program “the Stars aligned” ex-wife of actor Olga Lysak responded to all the accusations my ex-husband. According to her, the approval in one of the esters have nothing to do with reality.
Бывшая жена Михаила Полицеймако готовится судиться с ним

Mikhail politseymako fell in love with another, when his wife, the actress Olga Lysak was pregnant. 16 years later his ex-wife can’t forgive him for the infidelity. This is Michael, the son of legendary actor Seeds Farad, spoke in the “million dollar Secret” two weeks ago.

Mikhail politseymako spoke about conflicts in the family and beating his wife

Then Michael said that he had gone to live with Larissa and the son remained with his mother Olga. Politseymako claims that ex-wife was blackmailing him with a child. And he left her apartment on Taganka, made repairs, and pay alimony. “Blackmail was this: either you pay me more child support, or you don’t see the son. Of course now, I would give her in the forehead, once,” – said the actor in the program.

Бывшая жена Михаила Полицеймако готовится судиться с ним

Michael admitted that he once even raised his hand on his ex-wife, when she, according to him, had a fight with his mother. “I came and knocked her out immediately. One left”, said the man. Now his son left his mother and lives with her father and his family. During the broadcast of the program “the Secret” one million 16-year-old Nikita confirmed this information.

However, in the Sunday program “the Stars aligned”, the release of which was devoted to “carve” children, Olga Lysak first said her ex-husband and the father of her son. She stated that Mikhail politseymako in an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva in the show “the Secret” one million did not say a word of truth.

“Michael is lying! Everything he said in the program “Secret of a million” lies. He hit me for the phone. Nikita was just born, and the phone was my only connection to the world. And he told me it was blocked. “I’ll get you, – said I, – you will be on my knees in front of me creep”. And then I said I’ll take it. No mom was not there at all. I didn’t go to the police, didn’t want your son to have a father who “officially” beats his wife” – shared the actress.
Бывшая жена Михаила Полицеймако готовится судиться с ним

Olga continued to unveil new evidence that was contrary to what was said Michael. She claims to never let the fellowship of the son with the father, but rather tried to make them in contact. When my son started having problems in school, called my dad and asked to speak to the heir, to go to school. Moreover, Olga Lysak stated that the son lives with his father, according politseymako.

“This is also a lie! Nikita doesn’t live with dad. He lives in a College Dorm, the weekend comes home to me. Sometimes spends the night at dads, as it always was. Dad just became, you see it’s hard to pay child support. And he agreed with her son – “let’s pretend you live with me.” And Nikita will say anything for the sake of the father, he Dotes on him,” said Olga Lysak.

Presenter Oskar Kuchera, who for many years is friends with the actor Michael politseymako, refused to believe his ex-wife. And all tried to bring a woman “to clean water”. “Olya, well, the apartment he left you? Are you 16 years of living in this apartment alone?”, – asked the Coachman.

Says Olga Lysak, she’s really settled in an apartment on Taganka, where many years ago brought her young husband Michael politseymako. A woman to divide the area of her family. She and her son, Michael, in the apartment is registered so far. The accommodation is located in the municipal property, and none of the tenants does not have full rights before privatization, unless you get the consent of all parties.

In the Studio suggested that this is only the beginning of a long story. Olga intends to deal with Michael by the court, as he does not pay child support.