The former wife of Mikhail Efremov publicly asked forgiveness from their daughters

Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова публично попросила прощения у их дочери Kseniya Kachalina repented in a live TV program. The actress told how to live, and publicly asked for forgiveness from the only daughter, born in marriage with Mikhail Efremov. Kachalina haven’t seen natural child.
Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова публично попросила прощения у их дочери

Actress Kseniya Kachalina, the graduate of a workshop of Sergey Solovyov and Valery Rubinchik School at the time was a budding artist. She brilliantly made her film debut and created on the screens a few vivid images. Her latest work was the 2007 film “the Price of madness”, but most of it is not removed.

Now she lives alone in a spacious apartment in elite housing complex in Central Moscow, she has a huge debt on utilities, and the house is a mess.

Ex-wife of Michael Ephraim is mired in poverty

In the program “the Stars aligned” the NTV channel, the actress admitted that she has no income and she is fully on the content of the former husband – actor Mikhail Efremov.

Бывшая жена Михаила Ефремова публично попросила прощения у их дочери“I like to smoke. To get up at two in the afternoon. To walk at night, because there is no one… Before I rented an apartment in Reutov, but now in the pay of Michael…” – said Ksenia.

From time to time to visit her old friends. For example, actor Vladimir Konkin. He was a guest of the Studio and told us how he now lives with his good friend, and why he feels she was in such distress.

“She’s a very lonely man. She has her own world. I met her in ‘ 96. On the set of our film happened an affair with Misha Efremov, then, as a result of this novel was born a girl. Don’t want to judge anybody, but nevertheless, I have a feeling that is largely to blame here Mishechka. Well, okay she messed up once, twice, but when this is the norm, when it becomes your nature, it’s very hard. And I think, she screamed this love…”, – said Vladimir Konkin.

Actor, whom the audience loved Sharapova for her role in the film “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, says that she began to abuse alcohol because of the former husband. “The fact that some things – I knew her as a different person – learned from my wife,” he said.

Daughter Xenia and Michael to ten years she lived with her mother, and then father took her in. Anne-Marie Ephraim for 17 years, she studies in a private school and engaged in creativity. Apparently, her mother had not seen. Many Studio guests, for example, the actress Ekaterina Volkova expressed the view that for girls is probably better now because it is unlikely the mother can give her something good. And Ksenia publicly, in the program, asked his daughter for forgiveness.

“Anna Maria, the most important is my pet-handsome. Forgive me, forgive me because maybe I don’t fit the canons of a good mother…” – said Kseniya Kachalina.

Mikhail Efremov is now married for the fifth time on the sound producer Sofia Kruglikova, who bore him three children. Only the actor’s six heirs. Elder sons – 29-year-old Nikita, from her marriage with editor Asay Vorobyev and 17-year-old Nicholas from actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya – continued acting dynasty and became artists.