The former wife of Joseph Prigogine has left their children without an apartment

Бывшая жена Иосифа Пригожина оставила их общих детей без квартиры Ex-fiancee of producer Elena sold expensive real estate in the city center. Joseph Prigozhin, learning about the incident, almost ceased to communicate with the first family. A man and his daughter Danae was found in the program “really”.
Бывшая жена Иосифа Пригожина оставила их общих детей без квартиры

Joseph Prigozhin is rightly considered one of the most famous producers in Russia, and his marriage with the singer Valeria and all seems perfect. However, the relationship with the first wife he had always been strained. According to the man, he for twenty years helped the ex-wife and children, but because of real estate fraud that occurred three years ago, broke with them all sorts of contacts.

As it turned out in the program “actually”, Prigogine has left his ex-wife Elena and two children the apartment. However, the real estate in the prestigious district of the capital was sold without his knowledge and consent.

“Just one day I learned that a huge flat in the center of Moscow is no more. She sold it for a pittance. Well, imagine the market value of such property for a hundred million rubles, and it sells it for thirty. And does it in secret, so I don’t know. I tried to reason with the children, called them, talked for a long time. Wanted them to have prevented it, but without result. After the apartment we practically do not communicate, financial I did not help them. She just left children without their rightful homes,” said the producer.

Daughter Danae Prigogine confirmed that the property was indeed sold at the initiative of the mother. According to the girls, they had every right to do, since the apartment belonged to their family.

Later it turned out that the money raised from the sale went to the opening of business for the new husband’s ex-wife Prigogine. This fact especially hurt the famous producer.

“I spent all this time felt remorse. Left the family, a woman alone, with two children. But she is married, and I’m even not say it! They were just afraid of losing financial support. And with the proceeds purchased some trucks for this man. He allegedly engaged in the business”, – commented the producer.

Danae was quick to note that the new chosen one mother wisely decided to dispose of the funds and regularly brings home the earned money. The girl is not going to accept from his father material assistance. The only thing she wants is his attention.

Studio guests condemned the behavior of both parties, because due to housing conflict Prigogine ceased contact with the children. However, this, in their opinion, was wrong, not telling my father about the changes in the family.

Anyway, a well-known producer once again stressed that he loves all his children. He will be happy to communicate with her daughter, but only under the condition that the girl will find a use for their talents. However, to meet with the former spouse and help her financially he does not intend.