Бывшая жена Андрея Гайдуляна раскрыла тайну их развода
Diana ochilova revealed the secret of the reasons for the separation of the stars.

Photo: Personal archive of a star

History of Andrew Giulana and Diana Ochilboy very reminiscent of a sad literary novel. They were together since 2011, were engaged to be married, but the actor was diagnosed with cancer. He was treated in Germany, and all this time the girlfriend was next to him. She supported him, shuttled between hospital and home, did everything to ease the pain of the beloved.

After Hagolan recovered, the couple suddenly broke up. Both wrote sad posts online, and all the fans and friends hoping for a reunion. And it happened! Andrew and Diana got back together and even played a wedding in Italy, where they invited all their closest loved ones. But in real life fairy tales happen very rarely. In the 2017th year, less than a year after the wedding, Hagolan and ochilova broke up.

The reasons why this happened, they no one called. The public continued to wonder what could happen between people who’ve been through so much and were together so long.

The answer recently gave herself Diana. Instagram, which she recent months has become Hyper-active user that has a new feature: ask me a question. Of course, fans immediately decided to find out why the couple divorced.

“He betrayed me. He didn’t get it.” — answered ochilova.

What exactly did Hagolan, she said, one thing is clear: the culprit of the breakup was that he.

This “Cup” this time for sure not to glue. Recently, Andrew came out with his new girlfriend Alexandra.

“To her I’m one of his girls so long sought, — said Hagolan in an exclusive interview with 7days. — That she got hooked — its inaccessibility. We had a long chat as friends, I’ve been courted. And she literally destroyed his sense of humor. And then I’m her! Oh, and most importantly, when I found out Sasha closer, we saw that she is very kind and smart man. And she has gorgeous legs!”

Diana until I found a new love, she is actively involved in his career. The girl tries himself as a blogger and theatre actress.