The former wife of Andrew Giulana outraged by the revelations of the actor

Бывшая жена Андрея Гайдуляна возмущена откровениями актера
Diana ochilova emotionally reacted to the comment of the actor about the divorce.

Бывшая жена Андрея Гайдуляна возмущена откровениями актера

Andrew Hagolan

Photo: Instagram

Diana ochilova extremely
emotionally reacted to the revelations by former husband Andrew Giulana, who
recently talked about the reasons why you broke up with her. The actor has assured that “it happened” and “that’s life”. “Nobody
changed, we just decided to leave, — said the star of the series “SASHATANYA”

After reading this information online, ochilova incredibly
angry, as reported in the personal microblog. “I read an early interview Giulana…
It turns out that telling tales is not
just for the night! — angry Diana. Says: “a common situation, values, blah-blah”
well, so little things… As you say! Reputation, well, of course!
Maybe better to remain silent? Think it would be better! It is the Council. But, maybe someone
closer now, will give better advice on how they call her? Remember: “Work”. His
publication ochilova noted hashtags #Igor Krab and #dolcegabbana.

Recall that the marriage of Diana and Andrew
failed became known in November last year. Then it was not clear who was the initiator of the divorce,
but now, it is clear that, most likely, first decided to divorce
it is the actor.

The share of Andrew and Diana at the time, fell
not the easiest test. When it became known that Hagolan cancer,
Ochilova threw all of his strength to ease her beloved’s life. She went with him
on treatment in Germany and support as he could during the grueling
procedures. However, after the actor recovered,
young people for a while
parted. Apparently, they needed a break. But then again they began
to meet and little more than a year ago played
luxury wedding in Italy.

Diana Ochilova

Photo: Instagram

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