Бывшая жена Александра Малинина обвиняет его в исчезновении дочери Olga Zarubina believes that meeting with his own father was a trauma for the girls. Alexander Malinin refused to communicate with the heiress – she was disappointed with the reaction of the Pope, who first saw it firsthand.
Бывшая жена Александра Малинина обвиняет его в исчезновении дочери

Six years ago, the daughter of singer Olga Zarubina Evdokimova Kira first met her father, a musician Aleksandr Malinin. However, the artist dryly greeted the girl. He questioned whether that is her biological dad. In 2016, a DNA test proved that they are relatives. However, Alexander does not show eagerness to meet Kira closer. Daughter of Alexander Malinin is now able to claim his inheritance

Olga Zarubina has reverted back to the “Let them talk”, as it believes that the meeting became fatal. After this life Kira had changed. Now 31-year-old Evdokimova does not communicate with parents.

“Something snapped after that meeting, she started to pull away from me. Rarely been out of contact, stopped responding to phone calls. Lately she says she doesn’t trust me. And in General does not trust anyone in my life,” – said the singer.
Бывшая жена Александра Малинина обвиняет его в исчезновении дочери

Most of the life of Cyrus living in the USA. Zarubin moved to Russia eight years ago, and later had intended to take to Russia and a daughter. But at the airport she said that he would not go. Now Olga knows what she should do – she will help her to establish a relationship with the heiress.

The editors of “Let them talk” was able to find Evdokimov. Now she lives in Seattle. She explained why not communicate with the closest person. According to her, she hides from everyone – both from friends and from my mom.

“When I met with my dad, my world turned upside down. I was hiding, I didn’t know what to think about what happened. Only now I realize how it has affected and changed me. I need help, but not from mom. I don’t want her to worry about me,” said Kira.
Бывшая жена Александра Малинина обвиняет его в исчезновении дочери

The girl confessed that the meeting with his father six years ago was the only one. She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to communicate with her.

“I’m hurt, it destroyed me that did. To grow up without a father is very difficult. It needs to communicate, he is responsible for to be in my life,” says Kira.

Experts in the Studio were surprised that Zarubin is in Russia and does not seek to track down the daughter. However, some believe that the 31-year-old girl in need of care mother and can take care of myself. Kira said that now she had a new hobby.

“Doing the clothes, the shoes itself. This is my passion, I wonder,” – said Evdokimov.

The program also remembered that Alexander did not communicate with his own father. Nikita is not possible to get in touch with mother father: Malinin-the senior is simply not responding. Alexander Malinin broke all ties with the father and the children from two marriages