Экс-фабрикантка убеждена, что мужчина должен содержать женщину Singer Anastasia Krainova is in search of second half. Former member of the popular project dreams that the chosen one gave her the gifts, provided the material and cared about her.

      Экс-фабрикантка убеждена, что мужчина должен содержать женщину

      After participating in the “star Factory” Anastasiya Kraynova for a long time shone in the group “Tutsi”. The singer gained popularity thanks to the hit team of “Most-most” and “Bitter chocolate”. After the artist left the “Tutsi,” she recalled about the years of work in the group with a shudder. Now, Anastasia is trying to build a solo career, and to establish privacy.

      KRA recently broke up with her boyfriend. The man was far from show-business, and relationship with him did not work. Now she is actively looking, while she prefers men to show interest first. Moreover, singer believes that it is the representative of the stronger sex should be the head in all senses.

      “First and foremost, a man must be a man – to prove their right to wear pants. Yes, he must have a woman, give her money, care, give gifts. Because so many men are now doing just that whining. Why did you then I need my gold? I’m supposed to prepare, to support you and not to make tantrums and you’re not. If a person loves, it is a priori wants to make you happy. The solid back of a man you don’t have to worry, should feel protected. We just want to relax, want to be thought of us, so we thought,” says the former “star factory” participant.

      After an unsuccessful novel the KRA wants true love. However, the singer is unlikely to sacrifice the work for the sake of the elect. So Anastasia gets accustomed to his colleagues, with which it would not have caused particular difficulties to combine a career and personal life.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      “I think it’s great when you and your favorite twist in the same field. For example, Julia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov understand each other perfectly, doing everything together. Probably, it’s easier. I just now came to that. My last relationship ended due to the fact that we were completely different, although for a long time. But I want to believe that love has no boundaries,” says KRA in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

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