The former Spice girl showed the first photo of newborn son

Бывшая «Перчинка» показала первое фото новорожденного сына
Halliwell shared his plan for the restoration of prenatal forms.

Geri Halliwell with her husband and son, Montagu

Photo: @therealgerihalliwell Instagram Halliwell

Yesterday, Halliwell, after her marriage who took the name of
husband — Horner, tweeted a touching family photo. Thanks
this photo, fans of the singer got a chance to see how it looks
most have small son of Montague. This photo was taken on the occasion of the first “day
the birth of” the kid — he was two weeks…

In fact, Jerry had previously managed to share with
fans of image, had a direct attitude to her son. True
on “photograph” was captured only a tiny baby’s foot. The
at least, this picture made shortly after the birth of Montagu, had received more than 42
of thousands of views. On the new photo is possible to see not only the
the boy but also his parents — the father of the child, the husband of singer Christian Horner and
very Jerry. And Mrs. Horner with a child
on the hands and gently leaning on the son Christian
look completely happy.

“Every day I do not get tired to repeat myself, what happened to me a miracle. I managed
to conceive a baby naturally — without
ECO — 44 years! And I feel on this
about incredible gratitude to fate!” — recently confessed Jerry. In the background
such happiness all sorts of minor problems like excess weight that she gained
during the pregnancy, she thinks the perfect nonsense. “I’m not going
fanatically to lose weight in the shortest possible time. At this stage my only
exercise is walking the stairs in my house. I’m not worried about how to get back
to the antenatal form. The time will come and I will succeed!” sure Horner.

Jerry recalled that in the past she has already passed this
way — because it is growing 10-year-old daughter Bluebell from her longtime friend
Sasha Gervasi. So Horner knows what diet it is better
to adhere to and how to engage in the gym. But hurry with all this, she not
going: while Jerry just wants to enjoy her motherhood.