The former Spice girl showed incredible postroynevshaya figure after childbirth

Бывшая «Перчинка» показала невероятно постройневшую фигуру после родов
Halliwell is proud of her wasp waist.

Бывшая «Перчинка» показала невероятно постройневшую фигуру после родов


Photo: @therealgerihalliwell Instagram

Halliwell son

Photo: @therealgerihalliwell Instagram

Jerry of Halliwell, which is just a couple of months
ago gave birth to her second child managed not only to restore their
antenatal form, but even become even slimmer. Geri, who recently not
often appeared in public because he was busy taking care of his yet
very young son, has demonstrated its wasp waist arriving at the BBC Studio in London. This information appeared on the website

In a recent interview, the former Spice
said, so quickly get rid of the weight accumulated during pregnancy,
helped her intense yoga sessions, diet and, of course, regular chores
to care for her baby. “I understand that I’m incredibly lucky, because I could
to get pregnant in a young age. And looking at the baby, every day I repeat,
that this is an incredible gift!” the singer admitted. As told to Jerry, she
called the son of Montagu Michael – in honor of his
best friends – George Michael, who passed away shortly before the appearance of the boy. “I
so wanted to introduce them, when my Monty grow up…” – complained hollywell,
after her marriage took her husband’s name – Horner.

Lawful wife Christine Horner, Manager racing
teams Formula-1, Jerry became in 2015. Since then, the couple peacefully and happily
living together, raising now two children – a son Monty and daughter Bluebell, which next month will be
for 11 years( her father was the boyfriend of the singer – writer Sasha Gervasi).