The former soloist “Ranetok” has made an operation to fix the nose

Бывшая солистка «Ранеток» сделала операцию по исправлению носа Ex-member women’s team Elena Tretyakova decided on major surgery. The girl went under the surgeon’s knife to correct the defect on his face. The consequences of medical intervention proved disastrous.
Бывшая солистка «Ранеток» сделала операцию по исправлению носа

Elena Tretyakova stunned fans with the bandage on his face. Ex-member of female band “Ranetki” decided on major surgery. The girl wanted to correct the defect of the nose.

As reported by Elena, a deviated septum forced her to lie on the operating table. According to Tretyakova, it’s hard for her to recover from surgical procedures.

“Today was the first inspection after surgery, which I successfully “floated”. I never thought that the fainting is my thing. In the end I made a shot, took another blood test and extended sick leave. “In bed, Lena!” – strictly said the doctor, “You’re weak! Fat is not present!” If she could see floated my relief. While I can say that the operation I had to fix walls, which were curved on both sides. You already understood that I am a winner in life, right? The photo, by the way, with the filter because of the side effect on the medicines in the wildest of the rash. Class! I will go to keep her in bed… a Hamster with a swollen nose hugs you!” – said Tretyakov.

Elena noticed that happy with the looks and operation did not impact the proportions of her face. Tretyakov often communicates with fans, telling them the latest news.

We will remind, group “Ranetki” broke up a few years ago, but fans still remember the main Tomboy-known women’s team. After the glory Tretyakov significantly thinner and began to observe the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle and helping other girls to find harmony with your body.

“How to lose weight in a month? Correctly and forever – raze. But here’s what you can do in this short time to develop a correct food culture; to make a choice in favor of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats; to abandon junk food; replace milk chocolate for bitter; to begin to count KBZHU; sure that the last meal was 3 hours before bedtime; to experiment and to understand what physical activity is closer to you”, says Tretyakov.

Helen encourages everyone to get in shape: walk more, start to do exercises every morning, without fail, to listen to yourself and body. Tretyakov said that the journey from Tomboy to lady took her several years, but it continues to improve itself, and the body, this year ex-Ranetki will be 30 years old.