The former soloist of group “Chelsea” the novel Arhipov was brutally attacked

Бывший солист группы «Челси» Роман Архипов подвергся жестокому нападению The singer said that he was beaten by company unknown young people. Now the artist’s life is not in danger, but he was injured. The news shocked fans of the stars who rushed to wish him a speedy recovery.

Roman Arkhipov has shared with fans of bad news. In the night from the eighth to the ninth of September the young man was attacked by unknown right in the centre of Moscow. The actor and his friends escaped with a few bruises and grazes.. According to the musician, the aggression against them was unfounded.

“Four young men made the attack on us for no apparent reason. I and two of my friends physically hurt. The police arrived on the scene in 15 minutes, and law enforcement officers in good faith help us find the perpetrators, but to no avail. The worst thing is that in this area of Moscow at night works only two patrolmen, but nearby there are many clubs and drinking establishments”, – said the artist.

Roman advised fans to be careful, especially while walking at night. Fans of the actor were quick to wish him a speedy recovery. “I hope you are not much affected. Share your feeling, keep us posted”, “something in Moscow is hectic, every week is such sad news appear,” “the horror! Hold on and take care of yourself,” wrote fans of the musician.

Later in comments to a private post Arkhipov said that the attackers were Russian, and one of them even had a knife. In the process of a fight at the Roman stole a valuable bracelet, as he reported in Instagram.The musician thanked fans for their heartfelt wishes.

“Thank you, friends for your support. Be careful on the streets of Moscow. Unfortunately, capital is not the safest city,” wrote a novel.

By the way, recently Arkhipov also made fans nervous. He witnessed a major forest fire with Los Angeles. The musician shared a video in which he told about the incident natural problem.

Now Roman is in Moscow, but the singer lives mostly in the United States. There, he works in the music industry. So, Arkhipov took part in the creation of one of the last clips of Olga Buzova and talked about it to fans on Instagram. Fans hope that the attack will not affect the creative activity of the artist, and that he is still sure to delight their new hits.