The former participant of group “Arrows” to our surveillance

Бывшая участница группы «Стрелки» избегает слежки
Anastasia Kovaleva became a member of the Thriller in real time “Hunting” on NTV.

The former participant of group “Arrows” Anastasia Kovaleva

Photo: NTV

The ex-soloist of the group “Arrows” Anastasia Kovaleva
(also known under the pseudonym Nastasia) is now hiding from persecution
intelligence agents. A girl trying to survive in extreme conditions — it
there is almost no money, no vehicles, no communication. Ex
“arrow” accustomed to increased heed, now avoids crowds and cameras.

Anastasia became a member of the Thriller in real time
“Hunting” on NTV. In addition to her 28 more desperate volunteers from different
corners of Russia went to the most extreme journey of their lives, becoming
a living target for the top agents for finding people.

“The audience may seem, if the singer means nothing
not adapted, — says Anastasia. — But nobody knows how was
my life before the project. I went for her boyfriend to “Hunt”,
so we learned to interact as a team. But to flee from persecution
very difficult – both mentally and physically.”

Meanwhile, the singer passes this ordeal, see
millions of viewers across the country. But the fee for the popular high — 28 days
to stay alone the fear to be evaluated, to forget your name and hide your face
from cameras, to dissolve in the crowd. Most of the participants came to the project
for the sake of attractive reward of 3 million rubles.