The former participant “Houses-2”, accused of theft: “I’ve got the cash, but not pleaded guilty”

Бывший участник «Дома-2», обвиненный в воровстве: «Деньги я взял, но вину не признаю» Dmitry Islamov said “StarHit”, why did you decide to break the law. According to the young person, the owners of the club had not paid him the wages of a year ago. That is why he had a cunning plan.

Dmitry Islamov became famous when in 2011 she hit the TV project “Dom-2”. He lasted on the show a couple of weeks, and during that time did not have time to build relationships. After leaving the young man to the perimeter, fans lost sight of him.

However, recently Dmitri was at the epicenter of the scandal. He partied all night at the club, and then entered the office and stole the purse from the owner of the institution. It was filmed with a hidden camera, and. was quickly identified.

“StarHit” decided to contact the former participant telestroke to figure out than was justified by his behavior. As it turned out, such an original way Dmitry decided to take revenge on the owner of the club where he once worked as a security guard.

“It was revenge. I worked at this club a year ago. Per shift paid 1500 rubles. I worked 17 shifts and threw me, not a penny paid. I once said that revenge and waited for the right moment. Yes, it was revenge, but the criminal case I’m not. I tried, did everything according to justice, and therefore I will justify. From the police I’m not hiding. I am now at home, sitting in social networks is ready to answer all the questions the police,” said the young man.

In an interview with “StarHit” he stressed that may return the Director of the institution of the stolen funds, but only if the woman in front of him to apologize and pay the old debt. Islamov not for the first time was in a similar situation. The young man worked in a few places, and thus was cheating on him, leaving without a well-deserved salary.

According to Dmitry, with such illegal actions have encountered many employees of a night school. However, only he decided to take action.

“I just told them that it is not necessary to joke with me and compete. All will achieve what this club will be mine. They’re often people cheat. Security guards, waiters. Not only have I had a problem. If you decide to sue, I will write the return statement will reveal all the ins and outs of the actions of local authorities”, – confidently said the former participant “Houses-2”.

The young man hopes that the police will sympathize with his situation and correctly judge the situation. Earlier it was reported that Dmitry Islamov stolen from the bag of a Director of a night school 15 thousand roubles and a Bank card. For such illegal actions subject to criminal punishment. However, the former participant “Houses-2” I am confident in his rectitude and innocence.