Экс-любовница Александра Домогарова рассказала о сексе с актером The actor has always enjoyed popularity among women. Despite the fact that now Alexander Domogarov more focused on his career, his romantic exploits are still legendary. Aigul Milstein admitted what he’s like in bed.
Экс-любовница Александра Домогарова рассказала о сексе с актером

On the eve of the famous actor Alexander Domogarov celebrated its 55th anniversary. The actor met birthday at the theater in a circle of colleagues. For several years he leads quite a solitary life, and his army of fans wondering whether the Alexander woman. We will remind, in 2005 he divorced Natalia gromushkina. However, following the marriage of the actress also broke up. She recently broke up with Ilya Obroncow. Natalia Gromushkina broke up with her husband

Women who were together with Domogarova, still remember these times. Actress Aigul Milstein, held in connection with it about eight years ago, shared the revelations.

“Sex with him was not bright, because Domogarov was constantly drunk for a year and a half relationship, I only twice saw him sober. Domogarov spoiled by attention of women. They hung up on him, write, call… Such as I, to whom he regularly wrote a text template with the words “I want you”, was eight. At least. I confess, I slowly went through his phone and gasped erotic correspondence he had with Katya, Klava, Natasha, Lena, and Vika, and a few fools. Then I found out that Claudia is a “firecracker” in the movie “King”. Natasha – Natalia Gromushkina, the actress and his third wife. She after divorce couldn’t leave Sasha alone,” — says Aigul.

According to the actress, Gromushkina entered into an intimate relationship with Alexander even when he was married to Ilya. Natalie says that they have kept a good relationship with Alexander. On the day of the anniversary, she congratulated him and did not hide that is glad to communicate with him.

Speaking of divorce Gromushkina only confirms what has long been separated with her husband, but says that the scandal involved another man.

“We both are still young and will meet a new love. Ilya remained friends. We will work together to raise our little girl, just going away in different apartments. In June, the whole family celebrated the birthday Iliana. And last week I went on an annual all-Russian festival of visual arts in children’s center “Eaglet”. As the Director was preparing the opening ceremony, which was dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky. With son and daughter at this time was ex-husband. We often call each other, consult with each other on some issues, especially when it comes to creative projects or children,” said Natalia.

As transfers “Express Gazeta”, during his stay at the festival “Orlyonok” actress looked unhappy, but smiled and had fun with colleagues.