The former mistress of Alexander Abdulov has told about his illegitimate daughter

Экс-любовница Александра Абдулова рассказала о его внебрачной дочери Larisa Steinman tested on the lie detector. Ex-fiancee Abdulov has told you why I told him about the baby during his lifetime, and has now decided to announce it to the whole country. The experts conducted DNA test to establish relationship.
Экс-любовница Александра Абдулова рассказала о его внебрачной дочери

In the Studio of the program “actually” came the ex-fiancee of the renowned actor Alexander Abdulov. Larisa Steinman reported that she had a daughter Marie-Isabelle, born of the artist. The girl found out that the movie star is her father only at the age of 12.

“I have a daughter and I never discussed this topic. Just before filming. “Mary, your father may be Alexander Abdulov”, I said to her,” said Steinman.

Experts checked out a woman on a lie detector in a special room to record in the Studio, but the answers he decided to announce at the end of the program. The host of the show Dmitry Shepelev, was also conducted DNA test.

She Label said that Larisa was pregnant during his stay in France. However, the artist was not aware of when Steinman and Abdulov.

Answering questions, the woman admitted that she was in a relationship with actor two years. However, the expert Roman Ustyuzhanin found: in this period Steinman was another man.

Экс-любовница Александра Абдулова рассказала о его внебрачной дочери

Larissa remembered how was Alexander that he liked to eat. “He was then legally married to Alferova,” said the woman. She met the movie star for an interview. According to Steinman, two weeks later, the actor invited her over to the apartment on Gilyarovskogo.

Larissa was opposed to Alexander abused alcohol. The programís did not deny that she was looking at the incomes of both men met, and the affair with Abdulov was for her good PR and helped in his career. During trips abroad, Steinman has wasted the money of the artist.

At the same time she had relations with another man. So Larisa can’t tell who the father of the child. Abdulov knew that she had a baby.

“I gave birth to a daughter for himself. As the father – dash,” – said the woman.
Экс-любовница Александра Абдулова рассказала о его внебрачной дочери

Steinman never told Alexander that Marie-Isabelle was born from it. “Who’s the happy father?”he asked. «Not you!”I replied,” shared the former fiancee of actor.

Come to the Studio mark Rudinshtein announced that her daughter could be born from Abdulov. “At the time he was preparing for surgery. He just couldn’t have children,” – said a friend of the actor.

Friend Abdulov Alexander Myagchenkov surprised by the information provided by Larissa. After all, before she did not say that the father of the daughter – Aleksandr Gavrilovich. However, a friend confirmed: the actor was very loving.

Steinman is accused of the theft, which occurred many years ago. She had a premonition that he and Alexander will break up. According to the woman in advance of any training to the rupture was not, and she didn’t take anything from the house artist. Then lost the camera, camera and watch.

Экс-любовница Александра Абдулова рассказала о его внебрачной дочери

At the end of the program in the Studio appeared geneticist with the results of the DNA test. Snezhana Queen examined the sweater that was left from Abdulov from Steinman. Larissa knows exactly from whom a daughter was born. However, the answer is “Yes” to the question “Is Alexander Abdulov father of your daughter?”proved false.

“The person whose biological material was found on the sweater is not the biological father Marie-Isabelle Stayman” – said geneticist.