The former husband of Vicki Dayneko health problems

У бывшего мужа Вики Дайнеко проблемы со здоровьем
Dmitry Kleiman struggling with back pain.

Photo: Instagram

Musician Dmitry Kleiman told fans about health issues in passing. In fact, he wanted to thank the students of his drumming school, which is very cute brought him a whole box of delicious donuts. But for his humorous message can stand a rather big problem.

As it turned out, to sit behind the drum kit is hard work. Just seems that simple, but in fact tired of everything: arms, back, legs, and even the “fifth point”.

“6 hours of drums and MRI — told about your day musician. — That’s how pleased your Sensei when he’s hurt his back”.

Former wife of Dmitry — Victoria Daineko, too, was in good health. For several years she struggled with allergies, not long ago while traveling with my daughter caught a terrible virus, and then it still was suspected of anorexia — that’s how much she lost weight. Daineko, however, denied the latest information.

“In anorexia, I’ve never been accused of! — says the star. Hey have you guys in my life seen! Patients with anorexia does not happen buttocks and thighs. While my place, you can sleep peacefully!”

To confirm that the forms she’s fine, Victoria posted another photo, which in its view shows that there is no anorexia in the near future does not threaten her.