The former husband of Nadya Mikhalkova has a new love

У бывшего мужа Нади Михалковой появилась новая любовь
Rezo Gigineishvili hinted at a new relationship.

Photo: Instagram

Little more than a month has passed since the official divorce Hope Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili. And the Director has indirectly presented to the fans his new passion. In his personal blog Rezo posted a photo where he gently hugs beautiful girl. Photo is signed in English: “I left My heart in London”.

As it became known, companion, Gigineishvili — known businesswoman Galina Agapova. She was born in St. Petersburg, but then went to live in the United States. Now resides in the British capital, but in Russia she has a chain of clothing stores high-end brand. How old is not known, but the Network has information that she was married for almost 20 years. By the way, the information about her divorce is not. Whether Galina broke up with her husband in secret from the public, whether she’s still married. In the last scenario it is unclear why Rezo so openly States his feelings on social networks.

Himself Rezo Gigineishvili is now 35 years old. Behind him, two failed marriages and has three children. The eldest daughter Mary gave birth to the first wife, singer Anastasia Kochetkova. She was now 11 years old and she lives in USA with her mother and her new husband. 6-year-old Nina and 4-year-old Ivan brings the second wife of Director Nadezhda Mikhalkova. After a high-profile divorce, the children, of course, remained with his mother.