Бывшего мужа Хилари Дафф оправдали

Prokurory dropped the charges against the former husband of American singer and actress Hillary Duff Mike Comrie.The reason for this became confused testimony of the victim, who said the rape of a former athlete and the lack of direct evidence of his guilt.

The charges against the former hockey player was asked several months ago, in February of this year. According to the victim, she went to Mike, your new friend home. With them was another woman. It houses Comrie they drank a bottle of wine, and then 36-year-old man began to persuade her to be intimate. Not paying attention to her failure, Mike allegedly twice raped her.

As it became known during the investigation, the athlete wanted perverted sex, and that it didn’t want to go victim. In addition, Mike claimed to have long been familiar with this woman and they repeatedly engaged in sexual intercourse. At that time, according to Comrie, and everything was consensual.
According to prosecutors, the woman was examined at the center for treatment of rape victims, but doctors say that to establish the fact of violence – injuries that got injured during anal sex, can not definitely say that it was abuse. For these data, all charges against Comrie were removed.
Recall that his ex-wife and the mother of his five year old son Luke, all the time supported it, though not publicly. But the former mother-in-law once said that “Mike is a good guy” who would never commit such violence.