The former housekeeper Volochkova denied accusations of theft

Бывшая домработница Волочковой опровергла обвинения в краже

Famous ballerina is not the first time accuses his servants of stealing jewelry and money. This time under distribution got another housekeeper, that that was accused of stealing. A woman for the first time commented on and refuted the rumors. She believes that Volochkova just wanted to get rid of it.

Бывшая домработница Волочковой опровергла обвинения в краже

According to Anastasia, her former housekeeper of Heaven carried from the house of jewels and money. “I am very close to be close to the people who work for me. I’m with them closer together, and then this happens. Hate to say it, Paradise I trust 100%”, — said the ballerina in the “You wouldn’t believe!”.

The housekeeper has worked with artist more than 10 years. She trusted her, and paid enough money. Now the dancer believes that the money obtained on the products she was spending on your needs.

Now Volochkova saw a connection between the betrayal of her driver. She thinks that the housekeeper covered the misdeeds of the driver, that the owner did not know about the missing items. Now Alexander Skirtach is in jail and awaiting trial, and his housekeeper Heaven star forgiven. She believes that everything will remain on her conscience. Ballerina has brought a new worker, who lives with his family in the extension of the house.

Paradise also called for the broadcast of the TV show “You wouldn’t believe!” where he denied the veracity of the charges. “Yeah, not true it all. I didn’t take anything. Any jewelry was not stolen. Food was different. She gave food, clothes and Arisha too. Nastya just needed to fire me, so she did it in a similar way,” says a former servant Volochkova.

The woman now lives in a village not far from Bryansk and in the capital not going to come back. At this time, the fans are split in their opinion. Some believe that nothing Volochkova has dismissed its proven housekeeper and lied to her, because she didn’t have anything to steal. Others believe that she did the right thing, it is better to get rid of the thieves.