Экс-ведущего «Суд идет» осудили на 7 лет за мошенничество Vladimir Reznik, better known under the name of hazels, leave the colony. According to journalists, the man admitted his guilt and plans to appeal. Lawyer Vladimir called the sentence deserved.
Экс-ведущего «Суд идет» осудили на 7 лет за мошенничество

As it became known to journalists, the Nagatinsky court of Moscow has pronounced a sentence concerning the former program host of “the Court goes” Vladimir Reznik (oreshnikova). The man was convicted of several fraud and sent to prison for seven years. Representatives of Resnick did not plan to appeal. Lawyer Vladimir Arkady andrusyak told reporters that he believes the sentence is deserved.

Case of Reznik was considered in a simplified manner, because he admitted his guilt and signed a pre-agreement. However, the man still received severe punishment. The fact that it has already been tried for criminal acts, so the new episodes were called relapse. It increased his sentence.

Vladimir Reznik (hazels) was arrested last fall. The former broadcaster became the figurant of criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”), he faced up to ten years in prison and a fine on an impressive six-figure sum. According to investigators, the businessman suspected violations of the law, gave the butcher the order of 4.5 million rubles. In exchange for a decent fee, Vladimir pledged to promote leniency for the entrepreneur. Law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that Resnick did not fulfill the terms of the agreement and appropriated the money.

Экс-ведущего «Суд идет» осудили на 7 лет за мошенничество

The investigation also found out that Vladimir had agreements with two officers of the Labour Inspectorate of the capital. The man promised that through him they will not be prosecuted.

Recall that in October 2011, Reznik was detained by the FSB. Then a “client” of men was businessman Sergey slobodjanik. According to him, the former TV presenter asked him the amount of 20 million rubles. Vladimir said to the figurant of criminal case about illegal banking activities that will help him stay in the status of the witness. Despite the fact that Slobodyanik performed condition Reznik, soon he filed charges. Then the TV star asked the businessman for additional 500 thousand rubles to him declared insane at the time of examination. The result Slobodyanik appealed to the Investigation Committee, after which Reznik was released to law enforcement officials.

Hearings on the case of Vladimir took place in the Tver court. It turned out that Resnick was a fake law degree, so he was stripped of his membership in the bar Association. The former TV presenter was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to two years in prison. In 2013, the man was released and took the last name Resnick.

Until the early 2010s Vladimir Oreshnikov was a successful lawyer and participated in TV programs. The audience remember the man as co-host of the program “the Court goes”, which was shown on channel “Russia”. As reported by “Rosbalt”, the Vladimir dual citizenship – Russia and Israel. So he spent a lot of time abroad. According to journalists, when moving hazels used different identity documents.