The former “Friends” star gives a 5-year-old daughter beer

Звезда «Друзей» поит 5-летнюю дочь пивом

The star of the show “Friends” David Schwimmer decided not to wait at least the age of majority daughter to drink a glass of beer. In live evening show Seth Meyers for the role of Ross Geller admitted that his five year old daughter already knows the taste of alcohol, because he already gave her a shot of wine with dinner. But the girl did not like wine, and the taste of the beer she was delighted, and every time dad turns away, little Cleo will make another SIP from his mug.

“I don’t know what he would do if in my place the other parents. But, when I poured myself a glass of wine with dinner and my daughter asked, “Can I try?”, I thought, “well, if you refuse her, she’d just want to try even more.” So I let her try a SIP – and fortunately, she didn’t like. […]If I’m going to drink beer, I always have to watch him, because as soon as I turn my back, Cleo to drink it”, “said Schwimmer.

Talking about alcohol leading actor pushed for a new TV series, which starred David. The actor played sommelier, who is struggling with alcohol dependence in a rather unusual way – by opening a restaurant with a friend, recently released from places not so remote.

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