Бывшего избранника Ольги Бузовой уличили в оказании эскорт-услуг Roman Gritsenko tried to deny it. On the set of one of the editions of Vlad Kadoni hinted that the guy had previously had plastic surgery on her face, and also worked as an escort. Party telestroke was furious.
Бывшего избранника Ольги Бузовой уличили в оказании эскорт-услуг

On the TV show “House-2” many of the participants hide their dark past. However, in the course of the conversation leading can learn some secrets of guys. As it became known earlier, some girls worked in the escort, as they were desperate for money to live on. But the biggest surprise for everyone in the Studio was the fact that Roman Gritsenko was also involved in a similar business. This news greatly angered Olga Buzova, which the guy has sympathy.

During the filming of the next issue of Vlad Kadono said that he was aware of previous work 23-year-old Hrytsenko.

“I’m talking about that rumor that the novel that plastic surgery was an escort”, – said the host of the reality show.

“I realized I was off the screen, there sits a guy that looks like me,” tried to justify the affair. Olga Buzova, present at the conversation, could not believe his ears. Gritsenko started to protest and swear, and then left the Studio. The reaction of the Novel the presenters concluded that is said about him is true.

Apparently, Olga was very disappointed that information about your fan. And Kadono lashed out, leaving comments in his microblog. “Vlad, why are you always trying to humiliate me in disbelief in the eyes of Oli? Why? Gossip unfounded collect? It was unpleasant to watch. Roma, well done, gone and did not crap your listening to”, “Vlad, if your awareness is limited to the screens of Instagram, it is better to be silent! And do not accuse a person without reason! Reason no no!” “Slander is a terrible thing. Buzova not sorry, it all like water off a duck, but the youngster Daisy sorry,” discussed the Vlad act in the Network.

We will remind that Olga turned away from the Affair because I caught him flirting with Leroy Graminei. After this he began to suffer greatly and try to return back to the location of Olga. “I made a lot of mistakes and I feel responsible, – said Gritsenko. – The chance I missed, but I’m still a girl at heart, even if it’s beyond my reach”, – said the participant of “House-2”. Apparently, their relationship with Olga is better, but she still treats him with fear.