Бывшая актриса Disney сняла фильм для Pornhub

The idol of teenage girls Bella Thorne will now become a celebrity in the world 18+ content. The former Disney actress debuted in the role of Director, removing porn for the world’s most popular resource for adult Pornhub.

Apparently, her acting career movie for teenagers tired of Bella Thorne. So, first, the former Disney star started to appear in films in horror, and then decided to try his luck in the Director’s chair. As recognized herself Bella, originally, her plan was to take a Christmas horror movie. So she wanted to debut as a Director. But, suddenly for most Actresses is of the horror genre, she became involved in “adult films”. 21-year-old Bella Thorne has created a short porn film “He and She”.

It was an interesting experience for me, — commented on his first directorial work Thorne.

The actress also said that earlier she was not able to rent or participate in scenes with actual sex. The inspiration for Bella was thinking about the relationship between a man and a woman, are they equal in pairs and seek to dominate each other. She tried to understand, making a movie. According to her, sex is not important in this film, it is only the form in which a deep meaning.

It is worth noting that “He and She” Bella’s Cake will be shown on streaming the online platform for adults Pornhub. Corporate leaders praised not only the efforts of a novice Director, but also the short film. They even called him a “modernist interpretation of history Romeo and Juliet”.

is sexually-explicit interpretation of Romeo and Juliet that unbridled desire each other, — noted in Pornhub.

Short porn movie “He and She” will be shown at the Oldenburg film festival in September this year.

Add Bella Thorne is from a young age and started acting in family movies. Popularity has brought her role in the disney adaptations. The wide audience of the actress known for playing the television series from HBO “Big love” and the TV series of Disney channel “Dance fever”, the Comedy “Elvis and the chipmunks 4”. Bell also starred in several horror films, including the television series “Scream” films “the Nation killers”, “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening” and Comedy Thriller “the nanny.”

We will remind, recently Bella Thorne has admitted that she is pansexual.

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