The former defender of “Locomotive” beat a four year old son

Экс-защитник «Локомотива» избил четырехлетнего сына Football player Alexander Aliyev raised her hand again to his family members. This time his victim was 4-year-old Artem. Aliyev’s wife Tatiana is horrified and plans to go to the lawyers.


    Экс-защитник «Локомотива» избил четырехлетнего сына

    Wife of former midfielder of “Locomotive” and “Anji” Oleksandr Aliev Tatiana has posted on his page in Facebook heart-rending post about domestic violence. The woman in horror: her husband beat their little son Artem, who is only four years. And another child, 6-year-old Aline, he said he found another mother. And this despite the fact that the girl not to worry — she had just got out of the hospital.

    In addition, Tatyana Aliyev noted that her husband tried to bribe the police, so they claimed to have found Tatiana in the blood drugs and alcohol, and deprived of her liberty for seven years. However, the cunning maneuver Aliyev failed, he had honest servants of the law. In the end, the woman is shocked and declares that he no longer wants to have anything to do with her husband. She is also going to go to the lawyers.

    Экс-защитник «Локомотива» избил четырехлетнего сына

    Members and friends of Tatiana sincerely sympathized with her and advised to hold on to. They also encouraged her to quickly finish with the old life and husband to quit. “That’s not right!”, “You are a woman, mother and fighter, it will pass, and this too”, “much”, “There is nothing in life more expensive for themselves and their children”, “His threats are empty words”, “Money does not solve everything”, “Uneducated, ill-mannered and narrow-minded people…”, “Hold on!”, “You have enough strength and wisdom for the right decisions”, “You are very clever, all will be well,” wrote Tatiana words of support caring people, who care for woman and young children.

    Экс-защитник «Локомотива» избил четырехлетнего сына

    Prior to this post she posted a photo of a broken smartphone screen of her husband. It shows several missed calls and messages from some girl named Christina. This, apparently, Aliyev brought the spouse into a rage. She informed me that she gives the stranger her husband for free because “he did not know how, only to drink.” In addition, Tatiana said that the girl is unlikely to be well with Alexander. “The man who beats the mother of his children will kill you,” wrote the wife of ex-footballer.

    It should be noted that this is not the first controversial incident with inappropriate behavior Oleksandr Aliev. In February, the former athlete got drunk and beat his wife Tatiana. In the attack of her husband she has a hematoma and a fractured jaw. After the incident, Alexander was detained by law enforcement officers. A report was drawn up of the accident. In the explanatory note to the document, Aliyev refused to write an explanation for what happened, and Tatiana admitted that he constantly puts his hand on her, not paying attention to children, according to

    According to press reports, Aliyev now does not work anywhere. Recently, the player played in the Amateur club “Rukh”, and the last place in the career of Alexander as a professional footballer became the club “Anji”, whose contract was terminated by mutual consent of the parties. However, Aliyev told the press that he’s not going to finish career, and trains a lot, so how else is expected to enter the field.

    Oleksandr Aliyev — the master of sports of the international class, the owner of a very powerful kick. Among the achievements of ex-football player — goal from a distance of 45 metres. According to his colleagues, he can do while playing almost everything. In the “Locomotive” Aliyev was from 2010 to 2011, and in “Anji” — from 2014 to 2015.

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