Бывшую избранницу Ивана Краско обманули на шоу Шепелева с ДНК-тестом The creators of the program “actually” said that they have the results of a study that will prove whether there is a genetic similarity between a child Darya Gorshkova and Ivan Krasko. However, their words were blackmail, and the woman did not see the trick, therefore, admitted, from whom gave birth to a daughter.
Бывшую избранницу Ивана Краско обманули на шоу Шепелева с ДНК-тестом

In the new edition of “In fact” has appeared the actress Darya Gorshkova, who many years ago was in a relationship with Ivan Krasko. She met an artist in the theater. The age difference between them was 40 years. But it did not bother Darya. Between them struck up a relationship, the actress fell in love with him. Then she moved to Ivan Ivanovich. But then was still alive, his son Andrew, who in bayonets embraced the young mistress of the father.

“It I was constantly expressed his “Phi”. I eventually could not withstand this pressure. We met with Ivan Ivanovich and his 70th birthday. But then he actually asked for a relationship with Natalia Vial. And I had to live my life. He also offered me marriage, but I refused, didn’t want to be the Annex to it,” — said Gorshkov.

According to Daria, she had a daughter Mary from Ivan. But she didn’t say the actor is expecting his child. However, Gorshkov says it has not changed the artist. The experts recognized her words a lie. In addition, the father has not recorded the name of Ivan Krasko. “Just write someone else’s name,” said Daria.

Бывшую избранницу Ивана Краско обманули на шоу Шепелева с ДНК-тестом

Next to it was attended by the current spouse Krasko, Natalya. In her hands was an envelope, which purportedly contained the results of the DNA test between daughter Darya and Ivan Krasko.

The actor himself said that Gorshkov told him about the birth of a child, which was from him. “I visited and Masha and Dasha. A small child always causes tenderness. And then we met with Dasha and she said, “the Child is very difficult,” — says the artist.

Gorshkov continued to insist that Mary may not be a native daughter of the famous actor. Ivan did not hesitate to meet with a former lover. He was surprised this deception Darya. “Why do you say that I saw Masha in three months and said it was my daughter? You told me that this is my daughter,” said the actor.

He was very saddened by the lies Darya. In the course of the show, she confessed: “Ivan, this is not your child.” The woman was afraid to see the results of the DNA test.

The creators of the program Gorshkova played a cruel joke — the envelope was in the hands of Natalia, paint, was empty, no results of the DNA test. “Actually, you threw a girl in this envelope is nothing, you just picked on the weak,” said Shepelev, addressing Gorshkova.