The former coach of Yulia Lipnitskaya accused her of passivity

Бывший тренер Юлии Липницкой обвинила ее в пассивности Eteri Tutberidze admitted that he does not want to return the former pupils. According to the teacher, Yulia Lipnitskaya will no longer deal with her. The culprit was the reluctance of the skater to work as others and to strive for more.
Бывший тренер Юлии Липницкой обвинила ее в пассивности

Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitskaya is one of the most famous local athletes, despite their young age. Since the beginning of his career and until the first significant victories girl coached by Eteri Tutberidze. But in 2015, she left mentor, unable to withstand heavy loads. Now the trained figure skater Alexei Urmanov. She continues to win medals and trophies, speaking at various events.

Unknown, do skater the idea to work again with a former teacher, but she Eteri’m sure that even ward doesn’t take it back. Honored coach accuses a girl is laziness and lack of sporting activity. She also stressed that it will not accept such passivity from students. Apparently, my colleagues stayed in good human relationships, but professional – cracks.

“After me will never return. Three hundred percent – it’s not going to do. She was long gone. Moreover, she understands that I will not change. We have to work. And why should I take it back if it won’t work? She was a showgirl? But it’s not the kind of girl who have just enrolled in the group” – said Tutberidze.

In addition, she remembered and disagreements with the trust that occurred after the Grand Prix in France. Then between Julia and Eteri there was a misunderstanding: the girl decided that she wanted to go to the competition with other trainer – Sergey Dudakov. However, to inform the official coach is not considered necessary, contact the Federation. Then even loyal fans Lipnitskaya are unable to justify the favorite, considering this gesture rude. Perhaps this situation is so touched Tutberidze. She still remembers the unpleasant incident. Master of sport stresses that do not expect cancellation of their trip to the competition. Regardless of the gifts that were given to the woman after the announcement of the news, she did not understand why young skater decided to say goodbye.

In an interview with news Agency “R-Sport” Eteri shared memories about the act of a former student.

“I was called into the principal’s office, presented flowers and thanked. And exactly ten minutes on the website of the Federation came the message that Julia had left me. And an hour later in a media — great interview with its new coach Alexei Urmanov. It turns out everyone knew except me. And this, I think, was wrong. Still, we are some years spent together and any medals earned… I was hurt” — said Tutberidze.