Экс-невеста Павла Табакова выходит замуж
Maria Fomina received a producer’s offer of marriage.

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Only recently it became known that Maria Fomina is preparing to become a mother, how did the news of the impending wedding of the actress. The father of the unborn baby, the 34-year-old Alexey Kiselev, having a huge impact in the field of cinema, took a sweetheart offer hands and hearts. About this producer announced through social networks. He published a photo of wedding rings and signed the picture: “My Sunday!”, a little later he said that Mary said “Yes!”

Photo: @Instagram alexkisa Alexei Kiselyov

Roman Kiselev and St. Thomas develops more rapidly than. A little over a year ago, Mary experienced a breakup with Paul Tabakov. Surrounding the pair seemed ideal and many say that young artists are preparing to tie the knot. Then, suddenly, the couple broke it off, leaving parting with no comment. In the summer rumors about the affair with Maria, Alexei, and in the fall they held their “coming out”.

At the beginning of this summer Fomina gives birth to first child. His position, despite the “leak” in the media, Maria carefully hides. At official events she appears in outfits that hide noticeably rounded belly. By the way, while it is not known whether the actress down the aisle in a “position” or place a marriage with the producer after delivery.

For Mary, this marriage will be the first, but Kiselyov has already been married twice. First Union Alexei has a son — George (Kiselev became a dad for the first time in 17 years).