Бывшая невеста Димы Билана скрывает от мужа пол второго ребенка Elena Kuletskaya only this spring has officially confirmed an interesting position. But as it turned out, the sex of the child model is not only the fans but also to her husband. Ex Dima Bilan also said that the second heir has ruined her plans for vacations – the model wanted to fly to Spain.
Бывшая невеста Димы Билана скрывает от мужа пол второго ребенка

Model Elena Kuletskaya became known for its passionate romance with Dima Bilan in 2008. Fans hoping that the lovers still get married, because they showed sense, not only in the clip “It was love”, but in real life. The singer publicly admitted Lena in love and even bought the ring for 25 million euros. However, the pair was not destined to go to the registry office.

Only in 2014 Kuletskaya found marital bliss, tying the knot with cameraman Stanislav Romanovsky. Two years ago the couple was born daughter Nika. Elena admitted that a girl abruptly changed her life. Now microblogging is a 35-year-old model is replete with reports about how she cares not only about her baby’s health and development.

In the spring of Elena stunned phantom good news – it will again become a mother. As admitted kolecka in the first pregnancy she made a lot of mistakes. For example, they believed in various superstitions that will try not to repeat this time. But the sex of the baby Elena refuses to tell even his wife.

“I will not tell! Husband does not want to know. Though of course, I already know,” said Kuletskaya.

Kuletskaya noted that during the first pregnancy problems have arisen even with a name for the unborn child. Model wanted to call the baby MIA and other star moms – Polina Gagarina, Dakota and agate muceniece so called their babies.

“I think the name of the second child, too, will come suddenly, as it was with Nike, and one hundred percent immediately becomes clear: this is it!” – said model.

Elena admitted that though and dreamed of another baby, still hoping that she get to take a break and relax a bit. A week before the New year Kuletskaya learned: it will again become a mother, and had planned a vacation in Spain.

“Just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Coincidentally, about my situation I found out a week before the New year and gave the news to my husband as a gift. The morning of January 1 gave him a box with the ultrasound picture where he could see a tiny seed. But shortly before that I was in the company of friends celebrated the end of feeding my daughter! Goatmachine we had before that decided to spend summer female company to Ibiza. Even date in the calendars booked. At home, I categorically stated that his decision to her husband, saying that nine months of pregnancy and more than half a year of feeding deserve it. He said, “With the girls? To Ibiza? No problem!” And three weeks later I saw two strips on the test. Now I suspect that it was his insidious plan”

According to Elena, she has no prejudices. Although the first pregnancy model husband believed in the omen, that before birth it is impossible to buy anything for the baby.

“One day I just burst into tears: that’s a baby, and nothing ready— no pacifiers, no diaper. Then the husband with the words, “Buy anything you want” took me to a huge shopping center. And only when we have a choice of one of the sliders spent an hour, he realized that the plan to buy everything you need while I’m in the hospital, could become a failure. By the way, those are the first sliders that we bought for extracts, washed and carefully ironed by me a hundred times on all sides, the husband forgot to take a statement. I had to run to the nearest hospital to shop for a new set” – shared Elena in an interview with “OK”.