The flu ruined your daughter’s birthday Velichenko

Грипп испортил день рождения дочери Вуличенко
The actress told how she managed to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Sony, despite the virus.

Грипп испортил день рождения дочери Вуличенко

Catherine Velichenko

Daughter Catherine Velichenko Sonia

Seasonal flu, which is now freely feels
wet and chilly Moscow, corrected the plans of Catherine Velichenko and its
daughter Sonia. The day before she was 11 years old, and for this reason was
planned a big celebration. But, a few hours before the child
the temperature rose, and it became clear that celebration, scheduled loving
and caring mom in one of the childcare centres will have to be postponed.

“Of course, was enormous: it had to be baby
a celebration with entertainment,
science shows and animation. Darth Vader with Princess Leia was at a low start —
says the actress. But the flu slightly adjust our plans… Sitting
at home, drinking tea with raspberry jam. But the holiday still! Especially
when so many warm words we have heard from my sick birthday girl!”

Apparently, a party in honor of the birthday turned out
to transfer home. In any case, gifts and beautiful balloons, which decorated
the room, Sonya very much. Fans of the actress wished the birthday girl’s health and expressed
hope that pesky virus that spoil the holiday, soon will pass.