Фитнес-модель показала пресс после рождения близнецов

There is nothing more beautiful than having children. So says Anna Stoud and absolutely no regrets that donated figure for the sake of the kids.

Long gone are the days when women hid their imperfect figures and was afraid to admit that after birth belly has stretch marks appear. Worldwide thousands of women in their social networks create blogs, where they share their emotions and all the ins and outs of life after birth.

31-year-old Anne Stoud – a fitness model and part-time mom wonderful kids-twins. After the birth of her accumulated over the years the shape has changed. But his example, the model proves that it is not necessary to be afraid of such trifles!

Recently Anna shared the photo collage that made 50 thousand of its followers to think. One of them was made in the first months after birth and the other the other day.

On the right the picture that you usually see flipping through the tape in his Instagram on the left – something that you hardly ever would like to share with the world. However, I am proud of both images, for photos of nonideal press reminds me that I carried two healthy children. Love your body, because even though loose skin, sagging Breasts and stretch marks, you are beautiful!” – admitted Stoud.

However, the figure of a 31-year-old mother almost recovered: within 4 months after the birth Anna got rid of extra pounds and with proper diet and regular exercise is almost back to perfect abs.

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